About the Firm

McMillan & Shureen, LLP opened our office in Sonoma County in March 2004. We started out in Sonoma County in 1990 as the local office of a national, New York-based firm specializing in complex, nation-wide litigation. Our attorneys, including Don McMillan, Doug Shureen, and Peter Walls, have all practiced law in Sonoma County since 1990 or before. Each of us brings our own specialized knowledge to the successful representation of our clients.

From our beginnings in 1990 to the present, we have worked hard to develop close working relationships with our clients. We provide our clients with a wide range of expertise, including employment litigation and advice, commercial and insurance litigation, business transactions, personal injury, real estate, wills and trusts, and professional liability, among other things. When you work with us you will understand that we dedicate ourselves to the aggressive, ethical, and practical representation of our clients.

The McMillan & Shureen Law Firm