Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

McMillan & Shureen’s business transactional lawyers offer a broad range of services to new and existing clients, both individuals and businesses.  We serve as legal counsel to businesses without in-house counsel and businesses with in-house counsel who require additional support or which may benefit from a Sonoma County presence.

The best approach to business is to prevent problems from arising in the first place. With that in goal in mind, we take the time to elicit comprehensive information on our clients’ needs so we can offer correct and effective advice and support. The result is properly executed, watertight documentation that averts future conflicts.

Our business and commercial law services include:

Entity Formation
We counsel and advise clients on the most appropriate type of entity and draft the appropriate documentation.

Sales and Purchase Transactions
We review contracts and represent clients in transactions involving the sale or purchase of a business or professional practice, the assets of a business entity or real or personal property, negotiations, due diligence, drafting of documents and in closing procedures.

Commercial Dispute Resolution
We represent corporations and other business entities in contract or other disputes with the goal to resolve the matter on a favorable basis without litigation.

Homeowners Association
We review governing documents of homeowners associations and advise them on compliance with applicable laws. We draft and revise governing documents when appropriate. In the case of homeowners who are violating CC&Rs, we advise associations on their rights and recommend enforcement procedures.

We assist and represent banks in a variety of transactions, including transactions dealing with special asset management.

Our attorneys provide a full range of legal services to business and professional clients, including such diverse matters as mergers and acquisitions; leveraged buyouts; private placements and public securities offerings; credit and other financial transactions; tax matters; federal, state, and local government contracting and administrative matters; leasing; partnerships; sales of goods and services; employee relations; franchising; distributorships; anti-trust; and advertising.

Our business and corporate client base is extraordinarily varied and includes, among others, heavy manufacturing companies, high-tech and research companies, service industries, and retail establishments. Client size ranges from publicly traded multinational corporations to businesses in their embryonic stage. This client base includes over-the-counter companies, new enterprises, and an extensive number of other public and private corporations, partnerships, and individuals.